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Day 4 Rawnsley Park Station / Hawker. 70km return. 5 September 2018

We decided on an easy day today, yes this #retiredlyf takes it out of you. After an enthralling morning that included, Number of View :152

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A Weekend Away at Cowirra near Mannum South Australia.  25th to 27th August 2018

Don’t you love it when birthdays just keep on going. This weekend was planned by Deb so we could wind up my birthday celebrations in style together. We have stayed in Bob’s Bungalow at Riverview Rise Retreats in Cowirra near … Continue reading

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Africa 21 July 2018 An Interesting Drive

I am going to guess that everyone missed/read over my description of our drive to the airport on Saturday  21 July,  I described it as “interesting”, well there was a little more to it than that. I should say now … Continue reading

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Day 20 Africa  Diani Beach Kenya  25 July 2018

We both slept well last night, around 9hrs or so. We woke to the sounds of waves breaking on the shore and the smell of the ocean. It was a day of relaxation, we didn’t move more than 10m from … Continue reading

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Day 19 Africa  Masai Mara to Diani Beach

We started our last day at Angama with a 6:30am game drive. I dont know how we have kept up with the pace, but we have enjoyed it all. We were happy to find out that only the Belgian couple … Continue reading

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Day 17  Masai Mara, Kenya  22 July 2018

Hot air balloon day,  🙂 We were picked up at 5am and taken to the Balloon launch area 40 minutes away. It was very cold. Because the National Park didn’t, open until 6:30am we had an armed Park Ranger accompany … Continue reading

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Day  16   Serengeti Tanzania to Masai Mara Kenya 21 July 2018

We had a slow start to our travel day. All packed and out of our room by 7.20am for a 7.30 breakfast. Damien our waiter knew our order and just confirmed with us before heading off to the kitchen.  Breakfast … Continue reading

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Africa, Day 13 Ngorongoro to Serengeti 18 July 2018

We woke st 5:45am, another travel day, new adventures. Today is my 60th birthday and Deb has put so much effort into making it special. Deb gave me a card and then showed me many pictures of many cards waiting … Continue reading

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Africa, Day 9 Nairobi to Tarangire National Park Tanzania via Kilimanjaro 14 July 2018

After getting to sleep last night sometime after 1:30am it was nice to wake around 7am. We had a quiet morning, and were picked up at 11am for transfer to Wilson Airport in Nairobi. This airport services the international flights … Continue reading

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Africa Day 7 and Day 8 Victoria Falls, a Game Drive and the Zambezi River 12 & 13 July 2018

Here it is everybody, grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the ride, we did. Once apon a time Greg and Deb ……….. Day 7 Victoria Falls Zambia and Zimbabwe sides and a Game Drive We left … Continue reading

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