15 th April 2018 Homeward Bound

We had set our alarms, yes both of us set one, for 5:50, with the aim of being checked out by 6:20 and checked-in by 6:45.
Mission accomplished, but we did get a slight headstart, Deb woke around 4’ish, so we were never going to be late!
Premium check-in made the process easy and not too many people going through security was a bonus.
The Air NZ lounge overlooks the Air NZ gates, and it is interesting watching the flights coming and going. The lounge is very busy.
I smiled when I noted that mixed in with all the breakfast drinks was a small area with bubbles, rum, vodka,……… for those moments when you need a heart starter or a nerve settler.
Our flight left on time and it was reasonably smooth except for a couple of rough patches over the Tasman Sea. (And also except for whoever it was that kept farting in one of the seats near me!)
Our flight arrived on time at 11am
I think we set an all time record, landed, through customs/immigration, into a taxi and home inside about 40 mins.

Not long now before our next adventure, see ya soon.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Mmmm, glad I wasn’t sat next to you 🤪

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