Saturday 14th April 2018 Whitianga to Auckland

Our day started very slowly and easily. There was lots of rain and wind overnight and it was pouring in Whitianga all morning until around 11:30am.
Our hosts at Woodyhanger Lodge, Warren and Carol, cooked us up some bacon and eggs for our last breakfast. It was very nice and very welcomed.
We checked out, around 11am.
Our bus ride to Auckland left on time at 12:25pm and after a bus change at Thames and another closer to Auckland we made it to the Novatel by the airport around 5pm.

Turned out the ferry we were booked on did run as scheduled,  but we went with the bus option just to be safe, they have been known to cancel the ferries very late.

We had dinner in the airport and are having a quiet night watching a bit of the Commonwealth games.
Home tomorrow.

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