Friday 13th April 2018 Whitianga

It has been remiss of us to have left this so late in our trip, but we really have to give our heart felt apologises to all the Kiwi’s out there for the way we have butchered your language. I know it seems simple enough, forget pronouncing any vowels, and little tricks like wh = f,  I mean, how could you possibly get it whrkng wrong!

Friday the 13th in Whitianga!  Such a relaxing day.

We managed to drag ourselves away from Woodyhanger Lodge just in time to have lunch in a little cafe called The French Fig. It was a delicous morsal, I had a thick creamy Seafood Chowder, (jam packed full of seafood) and Deb had a Corn Fritters with Bacon and Camembert, also delicous, and I had the best coffee of the trip so far. Very satisfying.

We had a bit of a walk around Whitianga’s main street looking at the shops. Half the length on the   street is dug up for drainage works and they are going to make the area a bit more pedestrian  friendly. Sounds good, but the local traders must be suffering and there is still 6 months to go on the project. The shops were generally uninspiring and the one gallery we wanted to poke around in was closed for lunch.

We headed back into the mountains to Woodyhanger, and a relaxing afternoon. Well that was the plan. The weather for tomorrow is looking pretty ordinary and our ferry trip to Auckland is looking very doubtful. We contacted the ferry company and they said it could go either way, so rather than getting stranded here we booked ourselves on a bus to Auckland, just to be safe. So all is good.

We made it to the Thai Restaurant for dinner whete we ate Korean and Indonesian meals, the meals were very good and there was a young girl playing guitar and singing for a time while we ate. A very enjoyable evening.

Back at Woodyhanger we packed ready for tomorrow and had a relaxing evening.

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