Waiheke Island 6th April 2018

We had a late breakfast today, then packed up and headed over the road to the 11.30 ferry to Waiheke Island, a 40 minute trip. As we got ready to disembark Greg remembered we had forgotten to empty the safe! We obviously need more practice at holidays! 😂

I rang the hotel, they said they would check the safe and ring back. About an hour later they rang to say they had everything we had left behind. That was a relief.  We are fortunately returning to Auckland this evening for dinner so said we would collect our things then. Lucky! 👍🏻

The rental car company did not meet us at the ferry, I rang them but no answer.  I had read a lot of uncomplimentary things about car rental in Waiheke and was beginning to think they were all true.  After 20 minutes I saw a young guy with a tshirt on, with the car companies logo.  He knew nothing of our booking, but said he would take us back to the car lot. His name was Julian, from Argentina, he had been out here for 5 months and was obviously missing home.  When I asked him if he was enjoying his time out here, he answered it is an experience.

When we got to the car lot our car was there, a nice, new Jeep, but it was $300 more than I expected, was feeling ripped off, but the owner wasn’t there. 🙄

We headed to our Airbnb at Oneroa, 59Q, a lovely self contained space overlooking Hekerua Bay.  The people who own it live directly behind it, they are charming and very helpful.  Offering to fix our car rental issue.

After unpacking we headed into Oneroa for a few supplies from the Island grocer,  it is a nice little town with a trendy, village feel and lovely views of the coast.

Back at our Airbnb we sat outside soaking up the view and had our platter and some Rose that was left in the fridge  Retired life.

Lunch overlooking Hekerua Bay

We caught the 5pm ferry, back to Auckland, was relieved to pick up our stuff from the hotel, then headed to Jack Tars again for Dinner with about 50 guests attending M & G wedding.  Was a lovely evening, we enjoyed meeting some of G’s rellies and catching up with others.

Later, after we got back to our Airbnb, the owner said we could go back to the car lot at 9am and our car would be exchanged for a cheaper one     Couldn’t help wondering what we would end up with!


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  1. Vonnie says:

    What adventures you’re having, great blog 😄

  2. Deborah says:

    Thank you, hope you are having fun in Laura. I envy you the stars. xo

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