Port Victoria Sunday 10 Dec 2017

By comparison it was an early start for me, out on the jetty by 7:30, hopeful that an early start would reap rewards. But alas, it wasn’t to be, same old story unfortunately, no fish. I must admit it is disappointing. It’s not just me, everyone is either getting very little or nothing from the jetty! Not like the old days! lol

I went back out a bit later in the morning, Vonnie, Deb’s sister, suggested I try for garfish, but up to now I hadn’t seen 1 gar caught. But this time out on the jetty I saw a few people bringing in some good size garfish, I didn’t bring any money with me so I could buy any “Gents” to use for bait. Again I came in empty handed.

There was a planned power outage (blackout) over a very large portion of Yorke Penisula that ran from from 10am until 3:40pm. The local businesses here (except for the caravan park) seemed well prepared for it and had generators going to keep themselves open and their stock fresh.
We had ham and salad wraps for lunch, delicious. Deb had finally decided that it wasn’t worth the drive back to Adelaide to watch the 36’ers play (our basketball team), and after trying to find a pub on the Peninsula within reasonable driving distance that was going to have the game on TV we eventually found an easy solution. NBLTV, we could watch it on line. Game time  4:30, so the later part of the afternoon was sorted, and Deb was a happy girl.

Warning, the following relates to an augmented reality game, Ingress, that we play, it might(probably will) sound a bit out-there scifi, but hey, its fun.
A bit before 2pm I went down to just in front of the jetty and ADA’d 2 Enlightened portals to drop a couple of links that were blocking a planned mega fielding operation. The operation went very well, the mega was made, it gained around 6.5million MU but unfortunately just a small portion of it made checkpoint. After that  I recaptured the portals, it’s good to be green. 🙂

I eventually bought some Gents and headed back out onto the jetty. I set up one rod for garfish and cast it out. It wasn’t long and I was getting bites. I soon landed my first catch for the day, a reasonable size Tommy Ruff, a keeper in case I get more. It wasn’t  long and I had a garfish landed. It was just under 30cm so I threw it back, I thought legal size was 33cm, silly me, legal size is 23cm! And that is where it all stopped  not another bite! So close to 4pm I set the still living Tommy Ruff free and went in for, “Game Time”.

Deb and I laid on the bed and watched the game on her ipad. It was a great game,  the 36’ers led at the end of every quarter to eventually win 95-92 to a strong finishing NZ Breakers.
We had steak and salad for tea, because I cant catch fish!!! It was nice but fish would have been better.
A bit after 7, I went back out to try some dusk fishing, they say that the squid normally come on strong at dusk. Not here, or they didn’t get the memo. It was me and one other sad soul out on the jetty, the locals knew better. I was back at the van by 8:30, and yes you got it right, no fish!
Time for a shower and wind down for the day. Another enjoyable if not productive day.
Tomorrow might be a good day to go exploring a bit more. Deb is getting bored, she is such a good woman, letting me get my fishing fix. It should be fun to get out and spend the day together pottering around the north end of the Peninsula.

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3 Responses to Port Victoria Sunday 10 Dec 2017

  1. Cheek says:

    Not sure you can call it fishing if you don’t catch anything 😂
    Glad to hear you’re both relaxing 😎

  2. Greg says:

    The “Art of Fishing” is an age old undertaking, the catching of fish is not a prerequisite, 🙂

  3. Deborah says:

    Good job! 😂🤪😂

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