Port Victoria and the Copper Triangle 11 Dec 2017

Our plan for the day was to explore the north end of Yorke Peninsula, my plan. 🙂  .
Deb likes to spend the early part of the morning reading her paper so I was sent out to do some fishing! Kicking and screaming I did what was asked of me and headed out to the jetty once more.
I returned about 2 hours later with dinner in the bucket, 2 squid. I cleaned, prepared and marinated them for dinner before showering and getting ready for a day out exploring with Deb.

We left Port Vic around 11am and drove through to Moonta, one of the three towns that form the “Copper Triangle”, look it up, 🙂 .It’s one of the old Cornish mining towns on the Yorke Penisula dating back to the mid 1800’s. They have managed to preserve a good portion of the old buildings in the town and it gives it a very nostalgic feel for days gone bye. While we were there we took a walk out on the Moonta Jetty, we love going for walks out on the jetties of towns we visit, it always gives you a very different view of the town.
Next we went to Wallaroo for lunch. We pulled up by the jetty and the place we had been looking forward to having lunch at was closed for the day, but luckily there was a new eatery across the road and we had lunch there. Flathead, chips and salad was the order of the day, delicious, like it had just been caught for us. You guessed it, after lunch we took a walk out on the jetty. This is a commericial jetty for exporting the grain production on Yorke Penisula. It hasn’t  been open to the public the last times we have been up here, so it was good to take advantage of it being open and we walked out to the end of it. A magnificent view.
From there we drove into Kadina, the 3rd of the Copper Triangle towns after Moonta and Wallaroo. All the towns in the Triangle are so well preserved, we love it. Kadina is more or less the commercial capital of the Peninsula, with lots of shops, larger supermarkets and all the banks etc.
We got back to Port Vic around 3pm.
I went out and did a couple of hours of fishing, it was a bit windy and I was the only one on the jetty for some time. I caught a squid within 5 mins of getting onto the jetty (well, truth be said, it caught itself as I just dropped my squid jig over the edge of the jetty as I got my other line set-up). 2 hours later caught, yes this one I claim, another squid and decided that was enough for one day.
We had the squid I caught in the morning for tea and the afternoons catch went into the freezer to take home.
It’s going to be “warm” here tomorrow, mid 30’s and even hotter on Wednesday, so we have decided to leave a day early (leave on Wed rather than Thursday to try and avoid a bit of the heat.)

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  1. Georgiana says:

    Glad to see that your persistence and patience paid off. Loved your pictures posted on FB.

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