Aiko 22nd Nov 2001 – 14th July 2017

It has been over a year since we posted here! After our travels around north eastern Australia, we decided we would not travel again without Aiko.  We wanted to spend our time with her.  Aiko spent a lot of the last year cuddled up on the couch. She loved her time in Veale garden off lead, but 10 mins was enough.  Up until the end she still bounded outside for her food, like a spring lamb. She was always a delight and bought us a lot of joy.  Aiko is missed, home just isn’t the same.

It is taking time for us to get used to not having to be home every 5 hours for her.

We have taken a few short breaks away, which have helped.

We had a nice week away on Lake Albert near Meningie with CHEEK after Aiko died. We had already booked it.  It was a relief to run away for a while and spend time watching the pelicans fly over the lake.

Then we had two nights at Longview winery which was lovely, we had a fabulous lunch at the winery on the day we arrived, was so good, will definitely go back   The next day we spent exploring Strathalbyn.   Was a gorgeous day, we enjoyed the walking and the town.  On the way back to the vineyard there was a sign to Crystal Lake, so we took the turn and found some amazing granite and marble sculptures.   It is worth taking detours, great find. Well worth a look.

About three weeks ago we tried our first airbnb down at Port Elliot for 3 nights.   We stayed in a quaint little cottage circa 1930.  Port Elliot is my favorite place to visit, have stayed most years for the last 25 years.   We enjoyed wandering the town, checking out the usual shops, a Sala exhibition, that was very good and taking in the views at the headland.  There were good meals at the pub, Bombora  and fish and chips from the Flying  Fish Cafe. My fix for another year.

We are currently in Melbourne, has been at least 5 years since we were last here.   I will do a separate blog for this trip.

It has taken over a year for me to be able to consider holidays.  It is time to start getting back into it.   My mental block is going.    I am looking forward to having more adventures and exploring parts of the world we have not seen.   Watch this space ……




Vale Aiko ❤

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