Australia  The East Bit Day 54 55 and 56 Wyoming, Wahroonga, Jugiong and Lameroo  NSW                 28 29 and 30 Aug 2016 

Day 54 Wyoming NSW   28 Aug 2016

We spent the best part of today at mums, getting it all ready for her return from holiday. Cleaning odd jobs and a bit of computer stuff and it was all done.

In the evening we went around to Craig’s place for dinner. He cooked up a delicious Thai Green Curry and a yummy Self Saucing Pudding with Cinnamon Cream and Icecream for desert. His daughter Carly is over in the UK (we missed her by weeks) teaching for 2 years, but Caitlin was back from her year studying in Amsterdam.  It was a great night, as always, they are such a fun family to be with.


Day 55 Wyoming, Wahroonga to Jugiong NSW   29 Aug 2016    ~ 450km

We organised to have lunch with Laura and Sean in Wahroonga today, so after a bit of discussion last night, we decided to leave for home from there.

We got away from mums place around 10:30am after finishing all the jobs off.  Lunch wasn’t until 12:30, but we had to find a place to park our car and caravan, a lazy18m long parking spot with a 3 hour time limit was required!! Yes, around Wahroonga train station on a week day!!!!  As it happened we found 2, but they were both on the opposite side of the street from us, so after a u-turn run around the block we got back to them only to see a guy pull into the first to take a phone call and another to a woman going to the adjacent park! We did another lap hoping the guy would finish his call but it looked like he might be staying so I drove a little further away and found a perfect parking spot, again, on the other side of the road. But a bit of luck came our way and it was still there after another u-turn run around the block.

We got to the restaurant, The Butchers Block around 12, got a table and waited for Laura and Sean. We had a very nice lunch with them. They are off to Jakarta, Indonesia for work next week, permanently!!! (Well until they move onto something bigger and better 🙂 ) We said good bye to them and got away at about 2:10pm, heading for a stopover one Jugiong.

It took us 1hr 20mins to do the first 40km of our drive, that’s Sydney traffic for you.  We had a relatively easy drive to Jugiong after that, arriving at the Showgrounds at about 6:30pm. Neither of us had slept well the night before, so we were totally buggered!! Deb cooked up sausages, onion and mushies for tea while I had a break and a beer!!  She’s such a good woman. 🙂 <3


Day 56 Jugiong NSW  to Lameroo SA  30 Aug 2016  ~ 850km

We woke at around 5:30am and it was freezing cold 5C, after a very quick breakfast we were on the road by 6:40am and tried to get some fuel in Jugiong, but it didn’t open until 7, so we drove to Gundagai to fill up. Deb took over driving a little way out of there and gave it back to me about 30 mins after Wagga Wagga.

We stopped off in Hay for lunch and then called into Balranald for fuel, according to the fuel gauge we could have gone another 12km at least!!!  It started to rain some time before Balranald and kept raining on and off until just before the SA border. Towing the van and being overtaken by semi’s in the rain isn’t much fun let me tell you. Throw in semi’s going the other way showering us with torrents of water and it’s just a little challenging!!!

We pulled into the Lameroo Caravan Park around 5:30 and checked in at the pub (as you do).   We had dinner at the pub and went back to the van to start packing everything up.  The rain started again around 7:30, thunder and lightning and bucket loads of rain!!

We hope to get away around 7’ish in the morning, get the van back into storage and then home around noon. Well that’s the plan, and you know we have to have a plan 🙂 .

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3 Responses to Australia  The East Bit Day 54 55 and 56 Wyoming, Wahroonga, Jugiong and Lameroo  NSW                 28 29 and 30 Aug 2016 

  1. McDonalds says:

    Such a wonderful trip… Loved reading every bit of it…. But now more excited that you are home!!! Xx
    Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Mandy says:

    Welcome home happy travellers!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your travels.
    When does the next adventure begin?

  3. Deborah says:

    Thank you Mandy, we are going to have a few more local trips in the caravan next year with Aiko. Along the Murray, Glenelg River, bottom of Yorke peninsula and back to coffin bay

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