Australia  The East Bit     Day 50 Bonny Hills and Port Macquarie NSW  24 Aug 2016 

Wow, Day 50!

It has been an amazing trip so far. Sharing all the new experiences, places and sights with Deb has been amazing 🙂

Today we woke to grey skies and light rain. It had rained most of the night and looked like it was here for the foreseeable future. We both looked out over the beach and the surf below us, the surf had picked up a bit to 3 to 4 ft, and with the still conditions and light rain the ocean had that grey day semi-gloss to it. The waves were smooth and the surfers were having a great time.

We got away around 10:30 and headed into Port Macquarie along the ocean road. There are so many beautiful little beaches all the way up there. We got to the fringe of Port M and headed off to the Tacking Point Lighthouse. The views of the lighthouse, a small white tower with an equally small white cottage at its base was like something from the late 1800’s, a beautiful sight. The view down the beach was great, a good surf coming into the northern end of Lighthouse Beach and about 30 or more surfers out enjoying the waves.

Tacking Point Lighthouse

Tacking Point Lighthouse

There was a good swell running and the waves were crashing into the rocks immediately below the lighthouse.  It took us both by surprise how good the whole thing was. We drove around to Lighthouse beach for a closer look and Deb spotted a small pod of dolphins playing just outside the surf break, it was so much fun watching them play out in the water. There were also a couple of whales out in the water, one a long way out that occasionally jumped and splashed so you could see it, and another much closer to shore that was just logging along.

From there we continued into town and along the beaches, each one different but similar to the others around it. Each beach seems to face a slightly different direction and the local surfers would always have a good break as long as there was some swell running. This area is so beautiful.

We had lunch at a café in town and then headed down to the river mouth. We walked along the breakwater where the almost every rock had been decorated/painted with words of wisdom, whimsy , love, hope and loss, all very colourful.

We drove back to our CP along the beach/coast road. A great end to a very enjoyable day 50.

Tomorrow we head down the coast again.


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