23 February 2014 Port Broughton, Yorke Peninsula

Happy 26th birthday to Thomas  🙂

We are definitely getting ready to be home, both of us awake around 7, what’s with that!! 🙂

We had a very relaxing day, the most strenuous thing was cleaning the awning, ready for putting the van back in storage. Deb cleaned the inside and I did the outside. While it dried we took a walk down the beach to do a Geocache (http://www.geocaching.com ).  An easy find just in the “dunes” next to the beach.  By the time we got back the awning was dry and we rolled it away.

After a very lazy afternoon Aiko decided that it was meal time at 2pm (her normal time at home is 4:30 – 5:00), so after distracting her for about 1 ¼ hrs I took her for a walk up to the jetty for another Geocache. Found it lurking under the jetty, a very easy find, and then walked back. A round trip of about 30mins, and Aiko was very happy to get back and get fed!! 🙂

Amusingly we have finished our trip with a steak and salad, after all that fishing, lol.

I am pleased to note that our efforts in and around Whyalla provided some amusement for you folks out there, we are already seeing the funny side. 🙂 And yes Carly, we are driving safely, you should ask all the cars and trucks in the convoy behind us when we are on the road. 🙂

It has been a great holiday, Aiko’s longest in the van and she has done very well.  I think she will be in for a surprise when we get home and she can no longer sleep on our bed and will have to take herself outside. 🙂  We are both very relaxed  and looking forward to getting home.

This is our last blog for this trip, unless something VERY noteworthy happens tomorrow, we look forward to sharing our future adventures next time we go exploring this amazing world we live in. 🙂

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  1. Deborah Fenton says:

    Wow, you should see the stars tonight. Wow!!

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